When Richmond’s largest Farmer’s Market was forced to leave its longtime location just south of the James River, its leadership asked Elevation to give the event a new name and new identity to match its new (and much larger) location. Our solution, BIG MKT RVA, is simple, bold and, well, just plain big. The graphic […]

Kristin Youngblood

Senior Project Manager Extremely friendly. Super organized. Creatively savvy. Just three out of a billion reasons why Kristin is a Project Manager extraordinaire. She’s also a self-described “movie & beer nerd”. No wonder she’s equally loved by creatives, clients and just about anyone who walks through our front door.

Chris Fullman

Senior Manager, Development Chris thinks big picture. Like, really big. Because he’s responsible for ensuring entire online ecosystems foster meaningful experiences for our clients, their customers and the greater community. How does he manage it all? By constantly learning new things to help him achieve his ultimate goal: Making the world a better place.

A historic campaign

Elevation’s social media campaign for the Memorial proved effective in communicating with prospective visitors during the pandemic, resulting in a 38 percent increase in website visitors.

Culture Conundrum

Among key findings, Elevation found that while impacted by a loss of revenue, the majority of business leaders described their mindset as “determined” in meeting the challenges ahead.

Life. Interrupted.

Kate Bredimus was among 13 prominent Richmonders profiled about life during this “new normal.”    

A new brand bears fruit

Ever heard of novel Cas9 enzymes and CRISPR genome editing? Chances are the answer is “no,” and that makes you no different than most consumers in the produce section of a grocery store. Pairwise, a pioneering fruits and vegetables start-up in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, faced a particularly thorny challenge: how to highlight their advanced […]

Jason Sullivan

Art Director Whenever he tackles a project, Jason has a simple formula: Sit down & work hard. Because he knows his designs can do more than just look great—they can solve client problems, too. It’s an approach he perfected working at some of Virginia’s top publications, as well as agency and in-house roles. But don’t […]

Ideas Never Die

No matter what your industry, ECD Aaron Dotson’s tips in keeping an idea alive are invaluable and include saving them for later, and yes, even giving them away.