Charlie Kiefer

Digital Media Manager Charlie has always been interested in issue advocacy and what persuades and motivates people to support a cause or brand. His critical thinking and ability to stay on top of digital trends is what makes him a four-leaf clover find for Elevation. A big golf fan, his favorite memory is being on […]

Colin Beirne

Senior Account Manager An avid swimmer and runner, Colin is always up for an advertising adventure—whether he’s identifying opportunities, staying focused on providing solutions, or using his wicked communication skills to build healthy relationships with clients. He’s also an expert bonfire maker so if you plan to stop over, be sure to bring marshmallows.

Matthew Charboneau

Account Manager Personable, curious and resourceful, Matt will leave no stone unturned when asked to look into something, which is what makes him such a stellar account manager. When he’s not actively auditioning to be the next Batman, he likes to spread his wings with poetry, music, and working as a sound designer. Holy smokes, […]

Jenifer Reinhart

Client Services Manager Jenifer is Stacie Elliott’s right-hand person, assisting her with everything from time reports and invoicing to training new employees and assuring that our clients are happy. She loves cooking homemade Italian meals and has a passion for fashion. So when she’s hounding you to turn in those time sheets, you know she’s […]

Give a Crap Challenge

  Colon cancer is the nation’s second deadliest form of cancer. But it’s also highly treatable—when it’s caught early. And although it’s often considered “old white man’s disease,” the fastest growing case rates are among millennial men and men of color. There are many reasons why these men are reluctant to talk to their doctors […]

Shaun Irving

Senior Account Manager Shaun is the ultimate generalist: an account manager/art director/copywriter/fine art photographer/strategic planner/TV actor. His background on both the account and creative sides helps him see problems through multiple lenses and make valuable contributions at every stage of a project.