Matt Klimas

Senior Graphic Designer Foodie, tree steward, and synthesizer enthusiast, Matt uses his solid experience and curiosity to design thoughtful visual systems that create lively brand expressions. With a skill set that includes branding and identity, advertising campaigns, print, illustration and design, he’s known for creating visual narratives that resonate with consumers and clients.

Amy Venhuizen

Senior Media Buyer For over 30 years, Amy has used her technical expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills to secure the best prices and placements in the media buying world. Her desire to get wrapped up in every part of the media buying process makes her a true force! Always on the move, Amy loves bungee […]

Pat O’Keefe

Account Planner Meet Pat, our extremely talented strategist with an impressive background in language and writing. When he’s not weaving marketing master plans, he’s a French professor on demand or using his avid swim skills with the Water Rescue Squad in Avon, North Carolina. Pat’s not just a planner, he’s a one-man rescue team for […]

Jin Cho

Designer Seoul-born Jin moved to Richmond in 2017, earning a VCUarts honors degree in graphic design. While at VCU, he gained recognition by receiving the Outstanding Portfolio Award. His motto in life: to constantly develop and create a new future that makes the world a better place. Jin’s unyielding dedication to his craft and determination […]

Mariah Kumpe

Junior Art Director Mariah is a creative powerhouse who studied in dual tracks as an art director and strategist at VCU. While in school, she received multiple awards in student competitions, served as president of the VCU Ad Club, and worked as a professional freelancer. A self-taught musician, she loves strumming on the guitar and […]

Ashley Campbell

Project Manager Multi-tasker extraordinaire Ashley juggles projects like an advertising pro, masterfully balancing budgets, deadlines, and client expectations with flair and finesse. When the curtain falls on her workday, she loves crafting cookies, cakes, and cupcakes for friends and family. Speaking of sweet surprises, both of her kids share the same New Year’s Eve birthday!


For as long as there’ve been organ transplants there’ve been misconceptions about how organ donation works and how donors are treated. Regardless of their origin, once the misconceptions were born, they took on lives of their own. Pretty soon, the misconceptions became rumors, which became urban legends and finally, full-fledged myths—spreading deep into communities and […]

Marissa Behm

Account Manager For 15 years, Marissa has worked all over the country in marketing, sales, and account management, leaping from one achievement to the next. Now back in her hometown of Richmond, she continues to dazzle boardrooms with her keen insights and snappy presentations. When she’s not crushing deadlines, she can be found savoring culinary […]

Jordan Childs

Senior Account Manager Stay calm five minutes longer than everyone else. Keep the big picture in mind. Fight for the work. Trust your recommendations. These key traits are what make Jordan such a successful account manager, and why so many clients and creatives love him! A self-proclaimed lawn warrior and house renovator, Jordan’s proudest accomplishment—being […]