Donate Life Virginia


For as long as there’ve been organ transplants there’ve been misconceptions about how organ donation works and how donors are treated.

Regardless of their origin, once the misconceptions were born, they took on lives of their own.

Pretty soon, the misconceptions became rumors, which became urban legends and finally, full-fledged myths—spreading deep into communities and even making appearances in pop culture.

But despite their far-fetched claims, these absurd misconceptions have real life consequences. Because they discourage people from becoming organ donors which results in longer wait times for those in need of lifesaving transplants.

So, how do we change the perceptions of Virginians who aren’t organ donors because of these misinformed fears? By tapping the world’s foremost experts on myths.

Myth-Conceptions is a campaign where history’s most beloved mythical creatures use their expertise to debunk the harmful misconceptions that keep people from becoming organ donors.

An enchanting mermaid kicks off the campaign. She is here to set the record straight. This thirty-second spot runs on OTT, broadcast and online, driving consumers to the Donate Life Virginia website.

Once there, they’ll find a long-form video of our mermaid dispelling five of the most harmful myth-conceptions, as well as stats on the importance of organ donation and a link to sign up.

To make sure we’re reaching Virginians on multiple platforms, our campaign extends into digital display ads and multiple executions on the most popular social media platforms.

And to take this important message even wider, we encourage you to check out the video and share on your social platforms.