Virginia Credit Union

We got you!

As the largest credit union in the state, Virginia Credit Union has a longstanding reputation for providing a high level of personalized service to its members. That service, combined with low rates and a dedication to financial education and support, makes every member feel like the Virginia Credit Union has their back–so they can live their lives with confidence.

Elevation created an integrated campaign to communicate this idea while promoting the credit union’s products and services to potential new members. The campaign features lightly humorous scenarios that express the desires of everyday people. From wanting a new car that won’t break down on a date, to wishing for a master bathroom with two sinks, the creative connects with consumers in authentic ways. Each scenario is paired with a real Virginia Credit Union employee who says “We Got You!”

In this way, the campaign reinforces Virginia Credit Union’s core differentiation, while helping potential members understand that they can achieve more with the power–and people–of Virginia Credit Union behind them. The campaign includes television, digital, outdoor and direct elements.