Silgan Dispensing

Repackaging a global packaging brand

You may not know Silgan Dispensing by name, but you almost certainly know it by touch. From trigger sprayers for cleaning products to pumps for lotions and creams, Silgan Dispensing provides sophisticated dispensing solutions for some of the world’s most widely used products.

The Challenge

We were asked to help this B2B company refresh its brand to more effectively communicate its offerings and ethos to a global audience. That meant first building messaging architecture from the ground up—giving the company the flexibility to speak to its customers and their consumers across a diverse portfolio (not to mention diverse cultures).

The Solution

Silgan Dispensing works hard to establish strong and collaborative relationships with its customers. But, it also devotes considerable resources to understanding consumers. Our messaging platform, centered around a new brand promise of “Create A Better Experience,” allowed the brand to speak to how it serves both audiences through insight, expertise, ingenuity and agility. In addition, the idea was translatable across 8 different languages—enabling Silgan Dispensing to unify its messaging at a global level.

If the brand was going to own “better experiences,” it needed to convey that visually as well. A new graphic platform, composed of colorful lifestyle photography, ambient patterns and a sleek angular device, brought a human touch to the brand—infusing visual storytelling with energy and emotion.

Because at the end of the day, customers may not remember every closure and pump in a portfolio, but they will remember a brand that makes their experience—and the experience of those they serve—better.

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brand packaging