Libbie Mill

Creating a landmark identity

When Gumenick Properties announced plans to build a “new midtown” in Richmond, Virginia, the developer turned to Elevation to create the name and identity for the 80-acre, mixed-use neighborhood.

From a naming perspective, it was important for us to create an immediate sense-of-place for the community which would make it easy for Richmonders both to identify geographically—and remember. Taking our cue from the development’s location near the intersection of Libbie Avenue and Staples Mill Road, Libbie Mill was born.

Elevation’s inspiration for the graphic identity came from the idea that Libbie Mill would be destination for residents, businesses and visitors alike. This concept of destination led us to create a mark consisting of modern map pins coming from North, South, East and West yet all pointed toward the same central location. The result is a simple but memorable identity that reflects the vibrancy of this new development.