Published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

Getting to Know: Frank Gilliam with Elevation

The Richmond Times-Dispatch published a revealing interview with principal and creative director Frank Gilliam. Among the great nuggets of information was this insight into Frank’s personality.

Mistake you learned the most from: “On a summer job during college, I was weaving hammocks in the Outer Banks. Once, as I was loading rope onto the spool to start weaving I saw that the rope was a little flawed, but I figured I was paid by the piece so I would forge ahead and not waste time. Once the piece was done and had moved on to the assembler, the boss asked me what was up with the rope? It was not usable and I should not have put the effort into a flawed product. Then she subtracted the pay for that piece from my total for the day. The lesson I learned is that if you see something that is not right, speak up, even if it’s not your fault. It is much easier to work through any consequences early on instead of trying to hide them and dealing with bigger problems later. The more investment you put into something that is not right, the more you stand to lose.”

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