Virginia Consumers During COVID-19

Everyone knows that Virginia is for Lovers. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of Virginians’ day-to-day lives: how we work, how we learn, how we consume media, how we spend money, and our attitudes about the future. How can brands connect with Virginians in a way that feels authentic and relevant when their worlds have been turned upside down?

To find out, Elevation conducted an online poll of 800 Virginia residents ages 18 and up at the beginning of April. We asked them about how they were thinking and feeling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic so that we can work with brands to offer the deepest level of empathy possible in our work. We also wanted to see how the coronavirus is impacting consumers’ attitudes toward advertising, how they are getting their news and engaging with the media, and their overall emotional well-being.

Turns out, Virginians have big hearts. Respondents were “very concerned” about the health of the U.S. public at large (70%) and of their family and friends (66%)—more than their own personal health (50%). Respondents were also “very concerned” about the impact of the coronavirus on the federal economy (67%) and on the state economy (55%) more than their own personal finances (48%).

This is the first of many findings that demonstrates the complexity of emotional highs and lows that Virginians are feeling. Great brands have always been built on making their customers’ lives just a little easier or brighter–and now is no exception.

In the spirit of community, we’ve made the summary report of our poll findings—as well as what we see to be the implications for brands–available below. It’s our hope that these findings will help you adjust your brand’s actions, messaging, and future planning to be that much more resonant with your customers. If you’d like to talk about specific findings relevant for your audience or business, we would be happy to discuss.

Whether you’re a citizen of the Commonwealth, or a marketer serving citizens of the Commonwealth, it’s easy to feel powerless. Above all else, keep in mind that there is no “right” way to navigate this time. Be authentic and show compassion. We’ll all figure this out together. Because Virginia truly is for Lovers.

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Consumer Response to COVID-19

Download the Full Report