Elevation Elected to 4A’s

Elevation announced today that it has been elected to membership in the American Association of Advertising Agencies, known as the 4A’s, the prominent national trade association more than a century old.

The 4A’s community is made up of over 600 agencies that adhere to the highest standards of stability, ethics, service, and respect. Every 4A’s member has agreed to act in accordance to a Code of Conduct, upholding industry standards and best practices.

“4A’s represents the best of the industry, with agencies who lead the way in creativity, strategic thinking, and advertising effectiveness year after year,” said Elevation founder and executive creative director Aaron Dotson. “Being elected to this organization is an honor, and providing us with cutting-edge research and resources of benefit to our clients, along with corroborating the high standards at which our firm operates every day.”

4A’s agencies represent the best of the industry. Year after year, 4A’s agencies win the leading industry awards for creativity, strategic thinking, and advertising effectiveness. The 4A’s community accounts for 85% of all national, regional, and local advertising media spend.