Duke's Mayonnaise

The secret to great food

Duke’s Mayonnaise is one of the most popular and celebrated food brands in the South, where consumers often say “if it’s not Duke’s, it’s not mayonnaise!” Yet the growth challenge for this beloved regional brand was to transition into new markets across the country that are dominated by just one or two national brands.

Elevation created a brand strategy to convince consumers to sample Duke’s not just as a spread for sandwiches, but as a key ingredient for certain recipes. By positioning the better-tasting mayonnaise as the Secret To Great Food, we believed we could convince shoppers to give Duke’s a try—knowing that once they did, they’d be hooked.

We created a television campaign that delivers huge appetite appeal while featuring recipes that are both classic and unexpected. The result? Duke’s is growing by leaps and bounds—gaining marketshare and sales volume at the expense of those “better known” national brands.