Virginia Tourism Corporation

Crush Friday


The Challenge
American workers left 662 million vacation days on the table last year. So why are so many of us—especially Millennials—so bad at taking a break? Blame it on the fact that many are just starting their careers and are eager to impress. Blame their smaller budgets. But mostly, blame the internet. Because employees can always log on, they’ve forgotten how to log off. Last year alone, 54% of workers didn’t use all their vacation time. The irony is that if they had stepped away from their laptops to hit the beach or take a hike, they would be more creative, more productive and more likely to get a promotion.

If something isn’t done to help Millennials recognize the importance of vacation, there could be a negative ripple effect when this generation ascends to positions of power within their companies.


The Solution
Virginia Tourism Corporation asked Elevation to develop a flexible campaign aimed at getting Millennials to take the time they need. The focus needed to be on convincing them to dip their toe in the vacation pool in a way that’s low cost and low risk, but hugely rewarding. Our thought was this: if we can get Millennials to take just one day off and spend it in Virginia, then maybe, just maybe, we can ease their fears, shift their mindset and save vacation for posterity. (You’re welcome, Generation Z.)

Elevation’s Crush Friday campaign was designed to elevate the Virginia is for Lovers sub-brands to remind workers that there are way better things to do with their Friday than meetings, spreadsheets and microwaved lunches. They can spend it at a beach or music festival, over an amazing rosé or a dozen Olde Salts, on a mountaintop or paddleboard. Our campaign challenges misconceptions about vacation, demonstrates the breadth of amazing experiences Virginia offers and issues a clarion call for Millennials to take a well-deserved day—and crush it.

Our campaign toolkit includes:
• TV/Video
• Digital Display
• Direct Mail
• Radio
• Influencer Marketing


The Results
Virginia Tourism Corporation’s goal was to have 20 direct marketing organizations across the state commit to running the campaign. But after being presented the creative at an industry trade show, 27 direct marketing were so excited by the work that they immediately committed to the program—exceeding our client’s goal by 35%.

We look forward to tracking additional in-market results in the near future as the campaign takes hold throughout the mid-Atlantic.