Beautiful RVA

Building a social movement

Inspired by the work of public garden designer Lynden B. Miller of New York City, a group of community partners in Richmond saw the opportunity to create a social movement that would lead to a more beautiful RVA.

Elevation was asked to help build a brand for this social movement from the ground up. Our work began with defining the social movement itself as an effort to create a healthier and more vibrant community through urban greening and beautification. We then organized messaging around three key areas of focus for the movement: collaboration, advocacy and celebration.

With a strategic foundation for the brand in place, Elevation developed a graphic identity for Beautiful RVA that would reflect the beauty of the natural world—and the intrinsically human nature of the movement. Using an organic approach to custom typography, supported by an ever-changing color palette, we were able to create an identity that is as diverse as the community itself. Other components of the project included website development and marketing planning for a major introduction of the brand.