Health Warrior

The you-can-do-it superfood

Health Warrior is a superfood company on a mission to build a stronger society, starting with the right ingredients. Launched in 2010, Health Warrior quickly became know for its flagship chia bars, picking up retail distribution across the US. As the brand started to move from grass-roots to main-stream, the team recognized the need for a flexible campaign platform that could be used to promote multiple products in both social media and traditional advertising.

Elevation explored comments from Health Warrior’s many fans (and there are a lot of them!) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The common thread we noticed was how consumers rely on Health Warrior’s products to give them bursts of energy that help them achieve their goals. Using this as our inspiration, we created a headline-drive format that tells personal success stories, big and small, linked to the superfood bars. In doing so, we actually help define “superfood” for consumers in a new way, while linking the brand to both quality and achievement.

The campaign allows for specific products to be swapped out and paired with a limitless array of “achievement examples,” and easily reformats to multiple sizes and purposes. The design of the campaign reflects the products, too: clean and energetic.