Mathews, Virginia

You were meant to be here

Mathews, Virginia asked Elevation to help build a brand for the area that would not only attract new visitors, but also bridge the gap between the “born-here’s” and the “come-here’s” in this unique, waterside destination. The brand position we crafted is perhaps best expressed in Elevation’s manifesto script for Mathews:

Mathews isn’t a place you pass through to get somewhere else. It’s a place where you grow up. Where you visit. Or vacation. Maybe even settle down. It’s a place that draws you in with its natural beauty and tranquility. That makes you want to stay with its friendly people and proud sense 
of tradition. A peninsula surrounded by three unique bodies of water, Mathews isn’t a stopping point. It’s a destination. If you arrive in Mathews, it’s because you’re meant to be here.

In Mathews, the sun rises over the Chesapeake and sets over Mobjack Bay and the Piankatank River. Lighthouses outnumber stoplights. Miles of water outnumber miles of land. And no matter if they travel by boat or by car, everyone crosses paths downtown in Courthouse Square. This is life in Mathews. The way it’s meant to be. It’s why people come here, and why they stay. We’re all here because we want to be. And you can be here, too. Be here to retreat to your own private world. Or be here to find your place in a tight-knit community. Be here to boat, kayak and bike against a spectacular backdrop. Or be here to read, browse art and shop for antiques in our charming 
town square. Be here for the sunsets. The history. The milkshakes. The soft crabs and oysters. The festivals and farmer’s markets. The small-town pace of life. And the sense of peace that permeates this special place. Being here in Mathews means being on the water in 10 minutes. It means being at the grocery store, bank or post office within just a few paces. But more than anything, it means being the person you want to be. The best version of yourself. Uninterrupted.

So whether you come here to escape, or come here to connect, one thing is certain: you were meant to be here—in Mathews County.

In addition to a comprehensive messaging platform, Elevation developed a new visual identity for Mathews. Our mark is inspired by the nautical flag for the letter M, which is also used to indicate that a boat is happily at rest and not moving. It was the perfect sentiment to describe how people feel once they find themselves in Mathews.