James River Association

Be a James Changer

What’s 340 miles long, contributes $19 Billion to Virginia’s annual economy and even played a major role in the founding of our nation? The answer is something the James River Association wanted a lot more people to know.

Since 1976, JRA has been a guardian of the James River, serving as its protector, ambassador and spokesperson. And while they had accomplished a ton in their first 40 years, they challenged Elevation to help them achieve even more.

With our office just a stone’s throw from the James, it was a project that was literally near and dear to our heart.

We created a clean, new brand identity, then launched their “James Changers” campaign—a multi-channel awareness push that touted their past achievements and encouraged people to Be a James Changer  themselves. Using a mix of social and traditional media, the campaign generated a ton of interest in their key markets of Lynchburg, Richmond and the Historic Triangle. But much like the mighty James, JRA never stops moving. So, we’re currently busy working on the second phase of their 10-year strategic plan.