Elevation delivers insight and integration throughout all levels of advertising. From broadcast to digital and print, our team of strategic planners and content creators seek new solutions to advertising’s age old problem: how can we deliver a compelling story to the right audience at the right time.
Brand identity goes far beyond logos, fonts and colors. Elevation excels at uncovering the unique messaging and core values at the heart of companies and organizations. Then our strategic creative team brings that brand to life in ways that bring consistency and connectivity to customers across all channels.
When the world is a blank canvas, creativity becomes your friend, not your foe. A compelling visual experience elevates customer perceptions and enhances the chances of success. Elevation emphasizes a clean and sophisticated design style that is consistent throughout our client roster yet distinctly different from brand to brand.
Content marketing delivers the ability to attract and convert—making it a powerful tool in a search intensive world. Elevation develops content with a clear purpose, drawing buyers in by helping them solve a challenge, then demonstrating our clients’ knowledge and expertise to convert visits to conversations.
Engage-ability. Track-ability. Scale-ability. We love the ability of digital to deliver the right audience at the right time with the content that drives action. We combine our digital team’s strategic capabilities with our creative team’s expertise to deliver the art and science of digital—whether that’s for search, social, display or site development.
In the new world of media, every communication becomes more targeted. Our one-on-one marketing experience ranges from traditional mail and email programs to complex lead generation and nurture programs that build relationships with potential customers before, during and after the sale.
Analytics tools provide a wealth of information. The challenge is selecting which data will best move the needle. Our team combines both online and offline programs to provide a holistic view of results and opportunities—from site assessments and competitive reviews to analytics dashboards and ROI analysis.
A company’s people are the heart of every product and every service. They are not just brand ambassadors—they are the brand itself. We build brands from the inside out, which means we develop integrated employee communications efforts into each and every marketing program.
When you get a better handle on the customer’s path to purchase, you get a better handle on closing the sale. With our insights into shopper behavior and marketing analytics, we can give you leverage on the shelf—and at every point prior.
Great products and services are only successful if you can convince customers to purchase them. Elevation creates careful promotional strategies that work together with your marketing campaign to get your brand in more customer’s hands—over and over and over again.